Brazilian coronavirus variant identified in Rio de Janeiro


First identified in Manaus (on January 15, 2021), the Brazilian variant of the new coronavirus, with a demonstrably more powerful transmissible capacity, is already present in Rio de Janeiro, warned the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) on Tuesday (16 ). For now, there is no evidence of internal circulation, complements the entity.

Still according to Fiocruz, the confirmation took place after the genetic sequencing of a sample. However, only an epidemiological investigation would indicate the origin of the microorganism, since it is not known whether the material came from someone contaminated in the state itself or in another region of the country.

São Paulo, Pará, Roraima and Ceará were other territories that mapped the existence of P.1., The “official name” of the mutation, and no additional details about the new event were released by the Foundation.

Necessary care

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), P.1. it is one of three variants that spread quickly around the world, having been detected in at least 10 countries, which raises concerns in the international scientific community. In addition, the Ministry of Health has confirmed a reinfection by the new strain – which can create even greater problems than those we already know.

Ester Sabino, director of the Institute of Tropical Medicine at the University of São Paulo, one of the specialists who sequenced the specimen, explains in an interview to G1: “The fact that it [new version of the coronavirus] is no longer pathogenic does not mean that it will not increase the number of sick people. When you have more people infected, it ends up leading to a greater number of sick people. Yes, it can cause a lot of damage. ”

“We need to be attentive. And people need to understand that everyone has to be more careful now”, concludes the researcher.


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