Brazilian characters who do well in competitive games


Games like Valorant, Overwatch, Rainbow Six: Siege (R6), Street Fighter and Tekken are examples of games that bet on Brazilian characters. And some of these fighters and operators have already been successful in competitive titles, being strong and popular choices among professional players even in world championships. Check out, below, some Brazilian characters who are famous in esports and have become good options for playing ranked.

Laura Matsuda (Street Fighter V)

When it comes to Street Fighter and Brazil, it’s hard not to think immediately about Blanka, Brazil’s representative in Street Fighter II and other Capcom games. Despite being a famous character, he did not get as much prominence in the competitive as his countryman, Laura Matsuda, did. Laura has been around since the release of Street Fighter V, in 2016. In her history, she has as main objective to fight strong opponents to show the world her style, Matsuda Jiu-Jistu. She is also the older sister of Sean Matsuda, a character who had previously appeared in Street Fighter III alongside another Brazilian, Oro.

With excellent damage and several tools to corner opponents, Laura has become a headache for many casual and professional Street Fighter players. It is no wonder that the current world champion, Derek “iDom” Ruffin, has the Brazilian as his main choice in competitions. The American was not among the favorites in the Capcom Cup 2019, but surprised his rivals with Laura and managed to take the cup home.

Eddy Gordo (Tekken)

Eddy is one of the most famous Brazilian characters in electronic games. He made his first appearance on Tekken 3, released in 1997. His style based on Capoeira, with agile movements, kicks, sweeps and acrobatics, soon caught the attention of all Tekken fans and fighting games, not just Brazilian players. Throughout the franchise, his story involved a pursuit of Kazuya Mishima, one of the main characters in the franchise, and also the search for a cure for the illness his master was facing. It is worth mentioning that his master is the grandfather of Christie Monteiro, another Brazilian character playable in Tekken.

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The Brazilian has always been one of the favorite characters of more casual players. Especially when his vast arsenal of attacks confused his opponents and led them to victory. However, in the competitive scenario, where players know how to deal with the most diverse matchups, Eddy has never been so sovereign, but he always had one or the other representative. Currently, in Tekken 7, Eddy’s best reference is the South Korean player Sang-hyun “Jeondding” Jeon, who acquired a good part of his best results of his career playing with the Brazilian.

Skull and Captain (Rainbow Six: Siege)

Caveira and Capitão are the Brazilian representatives in Rainbow Six Siege (R6). They have different stories, but they bring references to the country. Caveira is called Tainá Pereira, a woman who ran away from home in childhood, was arrested for theft when she was 16 and had to make a choice: go to a juvenile reformatory or work in the Military Police of Rio de Janeiro as an informant. When choosing the police, she proved to be an excellent agent and ended up growing up in this profession. The Captain is called Vicente Souza and always dreamed of being part of the Military Police. He gained combat experience and survived a two-month hijacking, and his story made him called by BOPE, where he continued to fight against trafficking in Rio de Janeiro.

In Rainbow Six Siege, Skull is a Defender who has a high-risk, high-reward style that can easily punish more unsuspecting opponents. Captain is an Attacker with great use to break opponent strategies, being considered a very tactical agent. Brazilians tend to always be among the Top 10 most chosen agents in the ranks of Rainbow Six, showing that, despite not being among the best, they are choices to be considered in their games.


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