Brazilian Army asks military to stop using WhatsApp


The Brazilian Army should recommend in the next few days that the corporation’s military switch from WhatsApp to Signal. The objective of the new rule is to ensure more security in conversations between superiors and subordinates, since, according to them, WhatsApp has a number of vulnerabilities.

Signal is a messaging app that became best known when recommended by Edward Snowden, a former systems analyst at the United States National Security Agency, the NSA. In 2013, Snowden made public several secret documents that confirmed espionage of the North American country.


With the new changes in WhatsApp’s privacy and sharing rules, a lot has been said about a possible security breach in the update. Business account information, such as name, phone, operator, IP (which allows you to identify the location), photos and status could be shared. The same does not apply to non-corporate accounts. It is also important to note that all messages in the application are encrypted from end to end. That is, the company cannot access the content of the conversations directly.

Earlier this year, the president of WhatsApp who responds directly to Facebook, Will Cathcart, told Folha de São Paulo about the poor reception of the public with the changes and criticized the main rivals, Telegram and Signal. According to him, Telegram does not have end-to-end encryption and maintains a copy of the messages. Signal, on the other hand, is more unstable and does not have video calling capabilities.


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