Brazil will have 5G in 20 parts of the country in 2021


Still in 2021, Brazil should have 20 locations with access to 5G. The information was given by the Minister of Communications, Fábio Faria, this Wednesday (10) during a public hearing in the Chamber of Deputies. The 5G type will be the standalone, that is, a network that only serves this type of technology.

The minister said that the country’s rural areas should gain priority in the action. He mentioned that with connectivity, field workers will be able to follow the production chain in crops and pastures until the arrival of inputs in supermarkets.

“It is much more than an increase in power and speed. It will be a hundredfold increase and we will have a very large reduction in latency, which will allow a doctor in the federal capital to operate a patient in the Amazon. Another example is in the vehicles. Our children will be able to go to school in a car or bus without a driver and, for that, we need the 5G standalone, which is the pure 5G “, he exemplified.

Faria mentioned that the delay in innovation is due to the fact that the most modern options available on the market are being taken into account.

5G auction

The National Telecommunications Agency approved on February 25 (Anatel) the public notice that defines the rules for the 5G auction. Among other issues, the text predicts that the winning company needs to implement innovation by July 31, 2022.

The company that wins the bid will also have to offer all municipalities with more than 600 inhabitants at least the 4G signal. The internet will also have to be made available on the 48,000 km of federal highways, which will help communication between agents that carry out the flow of Brazilian production.

Still at today’s meeting, the minister stressed that Huawei will not compete to build the private communication network that will link Congress, the Supreme Federal Court (STF) and the Attorney General’s Office (PGR). The Chinese, according to the minister, does not meet the requirements for the operation.


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