Brazil to Impose Fine for iPhone 13 Series Without Charging Adapter


The Brazilian consumer protection agency says it will fine Apple for not adding a charger to the new iPhone 13 models and must provide a free charging adapter to all purchasers.



The $1.9 million fine imposed in Brazil in March 2021 was the maximum allowed under the laws of the country. In addition, by law, re-application cannot be made in less than six months. Six months have passed since the first penalty was imposed, and Apple introduced the new iPhone 13 series at the end of six months. The Brazilian consumer protection agency is planning to fine the company again because the charging adapter did not come out of the box again. The organization claims that users should get a smartphone with a charging adapter for the price stated by the manufacturer. He sees the purchase of a charging adapter with a separate fee as an exaggeration.

In fact, the reason why the organization fines Apple is not because the charging adapter is not in the box, but because the company does not inform its customers about this issue. Although it is stated on Apple’s official website that iPhones will not come with a charger, the organization states that this is not a sufficient explanation and states that it should be more descriptive.

Apple recently sold its two billionth iPhone. The company did not host any special events for this figure. The reason for not having this event is probably because the company stopped reporting on the number of smartphones sold.

Today, the number of active iPhone users exceeds 1 billion and this number is increasing day by day. iPhone users make up approximately 26% of all smartphone users in the world. Looking at the whole world, it is not a rate to be underestimated.

iPhones come in a high and wide price range. The cost of the iPhone 13 Pro Max model, which comes with 1 TB of internal storage, reaches up to $ 1,600. The iPhone SE, which is also the most affordable model, is sold for $399. Due to the high prices, Apple provides additional income by bringing the old and bringing the new in phone sales and selling together with the operators. Even after the old models of iPhones are released, they can still be among the sought-after phones in the market. We can give the best example with the iPhone 6 series. In this way, the iOS operating system usage version is at very low levels. Thus, even if you use an old model, you can access the current versions.


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