Brazil, the 5th country to request content removal


Google usually receives content of the most varied types daily, so it is common to have some removal requests involving part of what has been posted from time to time. And, according to a study released by Cuponation this March, Brazil is the fifth country that most makes this type of request to Gigante das Searchcas.

According to the survey, there were about 576 orders between January and June of last year alone, which represents an increase of 54% if compared to what was seen in 2017. In this specific year, there were 373 orders in total, with 189 referring to defamation, 124 on privacy and 66 associated with electoral law.

Other competitors

Still on the countries with the most removals on Google, of the total of 20 countries analyzed, we find Russia as the isolated leader in the number of requests to remove content from Google: in the first six months of last year, there were 12,688 requests. The second and third places were South Korea and India, which had to request the intervention of the search company 1,235 and 1,024 times, respectively.

Finally, at the other end of the table we have Thailand and Spain occupying the last positions with 55 and 50 requests to remove data from the air, respectively.


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