Brazil ranked 3rd with most apps downloads


A study released this year by Cuponation revealed which countries downloaded the most apps in the third quarter of 2020, and Brazil ranked third in this ranking.

The survey points out that, between July and September last year alone, almost three billion downloads were made. Of this amount, approximately 2.5 billion of the applications were downloaded on Google Play, while the rest of the purchases were registered on the App Store.

Most Popular Categories

In addition to the data of the countries with the most downloads (incidentally, the first was India and the third brings a tie between Japan, Turkey and Vietnam), we also have the opportunity to see which categories were the most popular among users. Fired, both in the Android and iOS stores, games were at the top of preferences – compared to the same three-month period in 2019, demand grew 36.4% in the first system and fell 4.7% in the second .

It was also mentioned that the second and third categories of each store were Photo and Video and Entertainment (App Store) and Toys and Entertainment (Google Play).


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