Brazil may be the 2nd most infected country with coronavirus in the world


According to a study by the Covid-19 Brasil portal, which brings together researchers from the University of São Paulo (USP), University of Brasília (UNB), among other research centers, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus in Brazil has already exceeded 313 thousand individuals. That would be 15 times more than the official number released by the Ministry of Health.

Underreporting breaks record in the country
Underreporting is related to the number of tests that are performed by each group of one million inhabitants. Among the countries most affected by covid-19 in the world, Brazil is the one that performs the least tests: there are 296 tests per million inhabitants. Meanwhile, the US is testing 8,866 people per million.

Number of infected can be 12 to 15 times higher than the official
Two different research groups showed two projections in relation to the number of infected. In both, the difference between official estimates and data is extremely alarming, as they place Brazil as the second country in the world in the number of infected with covid-19, behind only the USA.

According to the study carried out by Covid-19 Brasil, until Saturday (11), the country had 313,288 infected. On the same date, the Ministry of Health reported 20,727 confirmed cases.
According to the calculations of the Center for Operations and Health Intelligence (NOIS), formed by scientists from PUC-RJ, Fiocruz and Instituo D’or, which used a different methodology from the one used by the previous group, until Friday (12) , Brazil had more than 235 thousand cases, while the official numbers indicated only 19,638. The number is 12 times higher than that reported by the agency linked to the federal government.

Death toll would also be higher
If underreporting changes the actual number of infections, so does the number of people who died with covid-19.

In São Paulo alone, there is a queue of 30,000 tests waiting for the result, including tests that have been done on people who have died and it has not yet been proven whether the deaths are related to the disease.

Ministry of Health failed, says professor at USP
According to Domingos Alves, a professor at the USP School of Medicine in Ribeirão Preto and a member of the Covid-19 Brazil initiative, the data show that the Brazilian authorities (representing the Ministry of Health) have not been able to adequately monitor the spread of the virus throughout the country. .