Brazil confirms 25 cases of coronavirus strain


The Government of São Paulo confirmed on Monday (15) the existence of 25 cases of the Brazilian variant of the coronavirus in the state. Also known as P.1, it appeared in Amazonas and apparently has a greater transmission capacity compared to other circulating strains, as shown by preliminary studies on the mutation.

In an interview with Globo, São Paulo State Secretary of Health Jean Gorinchteyn said that the government reached the number after doing a review of the covid-19 contamination records in the state. This new analysis also made it possible to rule out the suspicion of the presence of the British variant of Sars-CoV-2 in the region.

Still according to him, 16 of these 25 cases of the P.1 strain in São Paulo are indigenous, that is, the infected people did not travel to the state of Amazonas, where it was first detected, in the city of Manaus, nor had any contact with residents there.

One of the patients contaminated with the Manaus variant included in cases of local contamination lives in the capital of São Paulo, while three others are from Jaú. The city with the largest number of autochthonous cases in the state is Araraquara, with 12 infected in total at this time.

Restriction measures

According to Gorinchteyn, the São Paulo State Government may take some more restrictive measures if there are high levels of contamination by the Brazilian variant of the coronavirus, which has infected even young people without comorbidities.

He states that daily monitoring of the numbers of cases, hospitalizations in Intensive Care Units (ICU) and deaths are being carried out. In cities that show an increase in these rates, some restrictions may be necessary to reduce the circulation of the virus.

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In the municipality of Araraquara, for example, the city government has already decreed a 15-day lockdown, releasing only essential services during the period.


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