Brazil already has almost 600 e-commerce companies


Brazil is in a phase of high financial movement and diversification of e-commerce businesses. This is one of the conclusions of the Scape Report E-commerce 2020 study, released this week by the consulting firm Pipeline Capital.

According to the report, the country already houses 598 companies in nine different e-commerce segments, including giants and startups. The marketing and sales sector (28%) is the most populous, housing services such as communication agencies, management platforms and loyalty services. According to Exame, other areas of e-commerce with companies in Brazil include implementation and maintenance of platforms, payment methods, marketplaces, operations management, logistics, customer service (SAC), and security and support resources.

The prospects are also encouraging for those working in the segment. Measures of social distance and partial closure of trade led to greater demand in the sector, which diversified the performance of companies. The number of orders grew 39% in the previous year, and this trend is expected to continue in 2021.

To download the report, simply access the Pipeline Capital website and fill out a registration form.


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