Brave Launches Beta Of Its Privacy-Oriented Search Engine


Brave: This week, the company Brave, known for its browser dedicated to privacy and support for rewards in cryptocurrencies, announced the arrival of its search engine. Unsurprisingly, the main purpose of the tool is to offer surveys with security, reliability and transparency — similar to how DuckDuckGo works, for example.

The tool can now be accessed by any user, even in an alternative browser to Brave. The independent crawler promises to prevent searches from being crawled by the “advertising and data industry”. In this context, however, the company explains that it will still rely on Bing’s help to search for images and states that these requests will be private.

In the future, the company intends to launch a paid version of “Brave Search”, which will allow its use without the presence of advertisements. In addition, according to the developers, Brave Search will also help other search engines soon, expanding their capabilities and compatibility.

Although promising, the Brave Search proposal is not exactly innovative and can even be considered a “bet”, as stated by the Engadget website. Possibly, the biggest difficulty to be faced is the margin of use in the search market, practically dominated by the giant Google, which has a 92% preference among users.

However, the Brave browser currently has a growing user base and shows that its proposal is catching the attention of the public concerned about data security and privacy. Thus, it is possible that the transition from more traditional search engines to Brave Search is something that will become popular among the company’s fans in the future.


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