Brave browser enters the search market


Brave Software, the company behind the Brave browser , announced that it has incorporated the Tailcat open search engine . Tailcat team is a team that has created search and browser jobs related to privacy before . So now it seems to be the basis for Brave firm to enter the search market .

Today’s search engines generally rely on results from large technology companies . Tailcat , on the other hand , hopes to provide quality results without compromising privacy, as it is a completely independent formation . So much so that Tailcat does not collect IP addresses or personal information from users to improve search results .

Thus, Brave, with its privacy-oriented browser and search engine options; It is on its way to creating an alternative to Google Chrome and Google Search, which holds the majority of the market . That of 2021, one he had not seen the like browser, including the head of development lives; The Brave browser has reached 25 million active users per month . If we look at the speeches given by the authorities, the company wants to further this .

Similar statements are made in the statement made by the company itself in the Brave Search promotion . The company said that they will offer an open browser that is confidential, user priority, independent, transparent, seamless and offers a choice; It will also make Brave Search engine available to other engines. The privacy we mentioned will be done by not collecting user information and prioritizing advertisements. However, it is said that the browser will have completely ad-free, paid and ad-free options .


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