“Brat” — Will Smith’s Daughter Willow Smith Got a New Name For Bad Behavior With Crew Members


Willow Smith can be very similar to Will Smith, but not always in a good way. A 22-year-old aspiring actress and singer who follows in the footsteps of her parents in the field of acting. While she is appreciated for her talent, the youngest in the family has certainly raised eyebrows because of her bad behavior.

Her father, Will Smith, is also currently going through the Oscar fiasco. He was excluded from the Academy Awards ceremony for ten years after he slapped Chris Rock. This temporarily affected his career. His daughter Willow appeared with the actor in the 2007 film “I am a Legend”. Having grown up in a brilliant and glamorous life, a young woman has caught some negative light, and she is accused of being a scoundrel.

After Will Smith, Willow Smith’s daughter is accused of rudeness.

The complexity of celebrities isn’t exactly shocking. But Will Smith’s daughter Willow is making her debut in this category. According to reports, “Willow is a spoiled brat. She brought a retinue, barked at the actors to bring drinks, and stroked everyone badly.”

Although this is not the first case. The actress has been accused of similar behavior several times. But the Whip My Hair actress defended her actions. She claims she was brainwashed into blaming herself and told, “No, you’re acting like a boy, get over it.”

Wait a minute! The actress accused her of worrying about her behavior, and also admitted that she needed to deal with the situation in the future. Recently, TV host James Corden was kicked out of a famous restaurant in Balthazar, New York. He was rude to the staff and shouted at them. The whole ordeal has been discussed on social media for weeks, forcing him to apologize for his behavior. Celebrities may be known for their drama, but it doesn’t take long for their behavior to be in the spotlight.

Do you think Willow Smith should be considered one of them, or is she still too young to be judged? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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