Brands making fun of Cybertruck


Giant brands like Lego, Pepsi and Denny made fun of Tesla Cybertruck’s design and the fiasco they experienced during the presentation on their shared Twitter accounts. Here is the share of world-famous brands that Cybertruck.

The new electric pick-up model Cybertruck, which will produce stones for vehicles in the US electric car company Tesla’s science fiction movies, has been discussed since its launch on November 22nd. The futuristic vehicle, which adorns the headlines with a different news every day, has been the subject of many brands from different sectors due to its broken glass and interesting design in the first attempt.

For example; German carmaker BMW, an armored version of the SUV model BMW X5’in Protection VR6’yi introduced on Twitter, Cybertruck’s broken glass was referring to the new vehicle was resistant to metal balls, he said. Similarly, the world-renowned toy company LEGO also took Tesla away, saying that I would hit a kick to the drop.

Of course, the companies that make fun of Elon Musk’s electric pick-up Cybertruck are not limited to these. Many brands, from the beverage brand Pepsi to the fastfood chain Denny, the Dubai police to the Elite Tuner for automotive reporting, have not neglected to make fun of Tesla’s futuristic vehicle. We have compiled the shares of these brands that take Cybertruck for you.


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