Brandon Flynn: His ex, Sam Smith, looks so hot!


Sam Smith is looking hot on social media. Brandon Flynn’s ex posted a series of photos that reacted to Instagram!

Sam Smith is in great shape. The British singer, who suffered from his overweight for a long time, is now showing his slim body on social media.

It has been a year since the singer began to lose weight. After melting like snow in the sun thanks to a drastic diet and a sports program, the artist feels better about himself.

A few months ago, Brandon Flynn’s ex appeared shirtless on his Instagram account. The artist thus confided in accepting himself and no longer wanting to retouch his photos.

The singer had justified this choice: “In the past, if I had to do a T-shirt shoot, I would starve myself weeks in advance and then I would choose and highlight such and such a pose until take the picture normally ”, he confided to his subscribers. And that’s not all !

“Yesterday I decided to fight this. I want to get my body back and stop trying to change that chest, those hips, those curves. Some may take it for narcissism and a way of showing off, but if you knew the courage it takes to do this and the bodily trauma I experienced as a child, you wouldn’t think that, ”he said. .


A few hours ago, Sam Smith decided to post himself on social media in the simplest device. The cheerful face, the singer is in a good mood.

“More joy on Monday,” he wrote as a caption on Instagram, therefore. The singer, who has just released Love Goes, his latest album, feels more fulfilled than ever.

In this last opus, the latter evokes his past relations, in particular that with Brandon Flynn, which was very publicized. In an interview with NRJ, the singer shared his inspirations for his new album.

“I realized that 3 years ago, I wasn’t happy with the person I was. In fact, I was generally not happy. And so I went hunting, if I may say so, to find out what was making me unhappy. And what I could do to change that, ”he confided, very serene.


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