Brainly: Ask questions and learn without leaving home!


Brainly is a platform that brings together content from the most diverse areas of knowledge, including elementary, secondary and higher education. Among the subjects covered are Mathematics, Portuguese, Physics, Chemistry, Administration, Pedagogy, Law, among others. There is also a section dedicated especially to those who study for Enem.

In addition, the platform promotes the interaction of users, who can ask questions and answer any questions from other students, in addition to adding themselves (as in a social network). In fact, if the answers are correct, users receive bonuses from the platform, generating an organic exchange. Below, check out some tips on how to use the study platform.

How to ask questions on Brainly?

The first step is to enter the site, make your registration and complete the information to configure your profile. From then on, it will be possible to ask questions to the community. To do so, enter your question in the area indicated and select the field of study to which it belongs. Finally, define the value of “points” that the answer will have for those who answer it.

If you are using your cell phone, the step-by-step is slightly different. The first step, in this case, is to search for the Brainly app on the Play Store or App Store and download it. Then, start your registration by providing information and sending a profile photo, as requested. That done, write your question, determine the points and wait for the response from other users.


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