Brain-Eater Amoeba Seen in U.S. Mains Water


Naegleria fowleri, also known as brain-eating amoeba, were found in the tap water of the city of Lake Jackson in the US state of Texas. City residents are warned not to use tap water.

About 2 months ago, we mentioned that there are brain eating amoeba cases in the USA. The same amoeba was seen this time in Lake Jackson, Texas, USA. Although this amoeba is extremely rare, it is quite deadly.

The highly deadly brain-eating amoeba was found in the Lake Jackson City water supply network. After the discovery, residents of the city were warned about the use of tap water. Known as naegleria fowleri, this amoeba can cause an infection in the brain.

Brain-eating amoeba found in water main

As we said above, although this amoeba is quite deadly, it is rare. Looking at the numbers, it can be seen that a total of 34 brain-eating amoeba cases were reported between 2009 and 2018 in the USA.

The executives of the city of Lake Jackson stated that they disinfected the water supply, but did not know how long it would take. Eight communities in Texas were told on Friday that they should not use mains water for any reason other than toilets. This warning was removed for other locations other than Lake Jackson on Saturday.

Lake Jackson officials later said in a statement that residents could use the water but should boil it before drinking. In addition, it was stated that various measures should be taken to prevent water from entering the nose while taking a bath. Children, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems were said to be partially vulnerable.

After a 6-year-old child came into contact with amoeba and died, the city water supply was tested and tested. According to the news in the BBC, Naegleria fowleri occur naturally in drinking water and can be seen all over the world. Usually, people infect people by the contaminated water entering the body through the nose.


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