Brady Quinn disagrees with Zach Wilson: the reaction of the NFL world


To say that Brady Quinn is not a Zach Wilson fan would be an understatement.

An analyst from the Big Ten started talking about Wilson during a radio segment on Fox Sports Radio and got tired of the media trying to make something out of Wilson.

“Despite the injury, Zach Wilson looked terrible in that preseason game,— Quinn said. “Can we just admit that the media keeps trying to make something out of Zach Wilson? The media wants it to work so badly, and frankly, it’s pretty hard to listen to. I’ve never seen a QB get so much love from the media for doing less than Wilson in a long time.”

Here is the full quote:

The NFL community was quick to speak out about Quinn’s statement.

“Find a lie,” one fan tweeted.

“I mean, he’s not wrong,” another fan wrote.

Wilson will try to recover from a tough rookie season when he threw for just 2,334 yards and nine touchdowns.

If he can show some hope, he’ll be a lot closer to becoming the Jets franchise quarterback and proving Quinn wrong.


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