Bradley Cooper is following in the footsteps of a Ana de Armas


One of the most sought-after Hollywood stars, Bradley Cooper is following in the footsteps of a Cuban actress. Do we have romance at the door?

If we are talking about the big screen, we certainly talk about the big screen, one on the list is the actor Bradley Cooper who apparently could have been shot by a beautiful actress with Cuban roots.

Bradley Cooper has undoubtedly won the title of one of the most sought-after Hollywood stars and is that since he separated from the Irina Shayk model , romance proposals have not stopped for the actor.

Although we remember, since his participation in “A star is born” the actor has been associated with different actresses of the artistic medium, placing Lady Gaga in the first place with whom even a possible pregnancy was speculated.

However, after several rumors have been left behind, it seems a Cuban actress is the half-orange of the attractive actor.

Apparently, rumors are growing stronger that the actor could be dating Ana de Armas of Cuban origin.

Both stars met at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles, where the “American Film Institute” (AFI) awards were held from where both were photographed by the paparazzi, the images of the actor and the Cuban say thousand words.

The witnesses in the place detailed that both actors were talking in a very pleasant way to what also came a warm farewell with a hug, then left the place at the same time.

Both collaborated together four years ago while filming the tape ” Game of weapons “, for the moment neither has denied or confirmed anything, only time will speak for itself.

Meanwhile, despite all the speculation that surrounded Lady Gaga , the actress revealed the whole truth to Elle magazine, through which she pointed out

We wanted the public to feel that love at the Oscars. We wanted that story to reach all the television screens where the gala was being watched. And we work very hard to get it. We rehearsed enough days and planned every second of the Oscars’ performance as if it were a movie, and the feeling came across the world. ”

The following link shows the proof of the controversial encounter between actors Bradley Cooper and Ana de Armas shared through Radar Online.


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