Bradley Cooper was engaged by a photo with a fashion goddess


He came closer! Bradley Cooper was engaged by a photo with a fashion goddess. The beau seems very interested in the stunning Russian.

With Bradley Cooper everything can happen because its appeal is worthy of headlines and there is nothing to do and less when it is so close to a famous as Ana de Armas.

It is not necessary to take many turns to see the famous actor wrapped in rumors, like this one in which thanks to a photograph he is associated with the beautiful celebrity of the catwalks.

Nobody knows what really happens between the movie gallant and the beautiful actress but they were seen very together at a lunch in Beverly Hills.

Perhaps the divorce between Irina Shayk and the talented interpreter already had his time of mourning and now returns to the ring to conquer a beauty of international stature.

After the commented separation that the distinguished artist had, nobody knew if he fell in love again but time is inclement and allows the passions to surface.

Bradley’s new conquest the award-winning actor is not confirmed but the photos speak for themselves and beyond the rumors the fans celebrate the meeting.

Bradley Cooper became news thanks to the paparazzi who managed to make the photo viral with Ana de Armas in the legendary Beverly Hills.


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