Bradesco launches BITZ and digital competition strictly


Banco Bradesco S.A. announced on Monday, the 14th, the creation of BITZ, its first digital wallet. Through the new system it will be possible to have a digital account and make payments through cell phones with Android or IOS system. The goal is to raise between 20% and 25% of the market, in the next three years. For this, in the first twelve months alone, the bank will invest R $ 100 million in the platform.

What will offer

With BITZ, customers will be able to add money to a digital wallet to make bill payments and payment slips, in addition to making TEDs. Cielo will be the technology behind the system, which will provide the opportunity for people to make purchases through their machines spread throughout Brazil. Bitz will also operate with cashback, “indicate and win” marketing campaigns and promotions and discounts for geolocation.

The mechanism is one of the three pillars of the digital strategy of the BITZ group, which still counts on Next and the traditional bank, according to the company’s CEO, Curt Zimmermann. With the launch of BITZ, Bradesco seeks to compete directly with Iti, a digital service offered by Itaú.


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