Brad Pitt was seriously injured during the Se7en shoot!


During the filming of the very famous movie “Se7en”, Brad Pitt accidentally cut his tendon. The scenario then had to adapt to it!

Released in France on January 31, 1996, Se7en then appeared as one of the biggest boxes in cinema. However, the script had to be changed at the last moment due to a serious injury to lead actor Brad Pitt.

As you probably know, Brad Pitt therefore dominated the screens at the beginning of the 90s with main roles in many films.

Among them, Thelma and Louise released in 1991, or Interview With a Vampire released in 1994. His talent and beauty quickly made him the most coveted man in Hollywood.

In 1995, he was then given a stellar new role in Se7en, alongside living legend Morgan Freeman. Yes, you did hear!

While this film quickly won over audiences, very few people know that the actor was seriously injured while filming. He severed his tendon! Ouch.

The writers then had to improvise and thus modify the whole script to suit Brad Pitt’s injury. Incredible, isn’t it?

According to Entertainment Weekly, the main star arrived at the nearest hospital just three days after filming began.


In Se7en, Brad Pitt therefore plays the role of detective David Mills. For his part, Morgan Freeman plays his teammate, William Somerset. The first enters the profession, while the second comes out with a successful career.

The two then set off in search of a killer with at least particular criteria … His murders correspond to the 7 deadly sins: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, anger and laziness.

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We better understand the title of the film! But there is one thing the public is not really aware of … It’s the reality of the shoots.

Indeed, with his injury, Brad Pitt greatly influenced the storyline of what many consider to be a true masterpiece.

“He was shooting a chase scene on the LA set of ‘Se7en’, when he slipped on the hood of a car in the rain, crashed into the window and severed a tendon of the hand, explains Entertainment Weekly magazine. This accident required an emergency room visit and several stitches. ”

Therefore, the rest of the film therefore featured a novice detective, but mostly injured in the hand. Fortunately, the injury of the very famous American actor did not require a new casting.

We can even wonder if the latter is not for something in the success of the film… Nothing seems to be able to stop the actor!


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