Brad Pitt: The first time his son Maddox called him


Before meeting Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie wanted a child. Never mind, she decided to have one. She therefore resorted to adoption.

So it was on returning from a trip to Cambodia that she wanted to adopt Maddox, the eldest of her small tribe. Soon after, the single mother won over her co-star.

After a discreet romance, “Mr & Mrs Smith” ended up formalizing their relationship. They had great years together, a short marriage and a host of children.

With the divorce, and even before that, the eldest son has drifted away from his father, Brad Pitt … Yet the latter must not forget the day Maddox called him “daddy”.

“It was amazing,” Brad Pitt’s ex-wife told Mirror UK, as quoted by Micky. “We were playing toy cars on the floor in a hotel room.”


When suddenly the young toddler called Bradie “Papa”. “We both just looked at each other and didn’t say anything. […] This was probably the most decisive moment when he decided that we could be a family ”.

It must be said that their story has nothing in common, per se. “Not just anyone gets to see a movie their parents have fallen in love with,” Jolie will say about it.

Although they are still struggling over the details of their divorce, the couple have a much better relationship now. As for Brad Pitt, the latter is struggling to reconnect with Maddox, who still resents him, just like Pax and Zahara.

For several years, the Fight Club actor has struggled with his own demons. Namely, alcohol, which is one of the reasons for her divorce.

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