Brad Pitt Spent New Year’s Eve With New Girlfriend Ines De Ramon Topless by The Pool


Brad Pitt’s personal life is something that many people always pay attention to. This is especially true now, when the litigation between him and Angelina Jolie continues, and dating rumors are swirling around the actor of Ocean’s Eleven Friends, who is in a rather serious relationship with Ines de Ramon. The reason for the increased interest in Pitt’s personal life is that the actor was spotted celebrating the New Year with de Ramon topless by the pool in Cabo.

Page Six published photos of Brad Pitt and his girlfriend Ines de Ramon, taken on New Year’s Eve by the pool in Cabo. De Ramon is seen topless in one of the deck chairs, and Pitt is shirtless reading something similar to a script and basking in the sun.

Earlier this month, people reported that the two lovers will spend the last day of 2022 together, and according to the article, the source said that the relationship is “not serious,” however, they are also “dating and happy.”

Another insider close to Pitt told People:

Ines is cheerful and sociable. They have a great time together. They go on solo dates, but also on group dates with friends.

Judging by the photos and this quote, it seems that they really like each other’s company, and they are happy together in this blossoming relationship.

According to a Page Six report, Pitt and de Ramon have been seen together several times over the past couple of months. The first rumors about their relationship appeared in November after they went to a Bono concert together in Los Angeles. They were seen holding hands while listening to music and dating Cindy Crawford, Randy Gerber and Sean Penn.

Then they were seen together again at the after-party of the premiere of Babylon. The couple also celebrated the Oscar winner’s birthday together in December.

Both Pitt and de Ramon had previously been in a publicized relationship.

Before meeting the “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” star, de Ramon was married to “Vampire Diaries” star Paul Wesley. The jewelry designer was married to Wesley for three years before they split in September.

As for Pitt, there were rumors that he was dating Emily Ratajkowski, but they quickly dissipated, because then she had a widely publicized and short-lived relationship with Pete Davidson. Meanwhile, Pitt is still fighting lawsuits with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie. In October, she made allegations of abuse against Pitt that he allegedly physically abused their children in 2016. A source close to the actor said that the words of the actress do not correspond to reality. They’ve also been in a lengthy legal battle over their winery, which Jolie sued Pitt over in September.

So, while Pitt continues to work out his divorce from Jolie, it seems that he is happy in his current relationship with de Ramon.

The last few months of 2022 have been occupied by Pitt between his new girlfriend and the release of Babylon. Entering the 2023 film schedule, Pitt will do most of his work behind the scenes. He has one movie coming out called “Landscape with an Invisible Hand,” which he is producing, and he is producing a TV series called “The Three-Body Challenge,” which will also be released this year.

While we are waiting for new news about Pitt’s new relationship and his upcoming releases, you can watch the actor’s latest movie “Babylon” in theaters, as well as watch his other 2022 film “Bullet Train” with a Netflix subscription.8


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