Brad Pitt: Shiloh has changed a lot in recent years!


On January 8, Shiloh was immortalized in Los Angeles with some members of her family. And Brad Pitt’s daughter has grown up!

While Brad Pitt is enjoying the Bahamas, on January 8 Angelina Jolie was spotted in the streets of L.A. Accompanied by Zahara and Shiloh, the star seemed to be having a good time with them.

This Friday, January 8, 2021, Angelina Jolie went shopping in Los Angeles. Brad Pitt’s ex-girlfriend was also accompanied by his daughters: Zahara and Shiloh.

To go out, Shiloh bet on a black sweater and denim shorts. As for her sister, she opted for an equally casual outfit ’that suited her perfectly.

For her part, Angelina Jolie wore in front of the journalists a beautiful and very elegant white set. Ignoring the paparazzi, the trio strolled through multiple stores.

Obviously, the star seemed to be looking for the perfect gift for the young Zahara who was celebrating her 16th birthday that day. Very discreet, the actress and her daughters have nevertheless attracted the attention of several passers-by.

On Twitter, many Internet users have also pointed out that Shiloh was the spitting image of Brad Pitt. The proof in pictures!


From a young age, Shiloh has often intrigued the media! On a daily basis, the daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has always made it known that she wanted them to call her John.

“She only wants to be called John (…). John or Peter. It’s a Peter Pan thing. So we have to call him John, ”the Oprah Winfrey actor said in 2008.

And his famous parents have always accepted his choice. From the top of her 14 years, Shiloh seems to almost overtake Angelina Jolie.

While the teenager obviously inherited her looks, the features of her face are very reminiscent of her father’s. His blue eyes and hair are a perfect copy of Brad Pitt’s physical characteristics!


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