Brad Pitt must have trained a lot for the movie Fight Club!


How did actor Brad Pitt prepare for his role in the famous movie Fight Club? We reveal everything to you! Brad Pitt trained a lot for his role in the movie Fight Club!

In the world of cinema, we must admit that the physical transformations of actors are sometimes surprising! Indeed, the stars sometimes even have to follow strict diets.

But in addition to supervised nutrition, they also need to train! We think of actor Brad Pitt.

The latter was the star of the famous film Fight Club released in 1999. And for this memorable role, Brad Pitt had to follow a very strict training!

Indeed, we still remember his lean and muscular physique in the film. Obviously, the young actor of the time did not have a gram of fat!

We now know that he had to train a lot to achieve this physique. We reveal everything to you.


GQ magazine also unveiled the young artist’s training for the movie Fight Club. And it must be said that Brad Pitt has surely suffered a lot!

And for good reason: the young actor had followed a professional bodybuilder training! Eh yes.

But be aware that this diet is not for everyone. Indeed, to have visible results, the body must already be in good condition.

So it was for Brad Pitt! The 35-year-old at the time was indeed a good athlete.

You should know that the actor weighed 69 kilograms during the shooting of the famous film. Also, the handsome Hollywood actor had only 5% fat in his body! Unbelievable.

Note that the average fat is around 12%. So that was Brad Pitt’s secret to having the best body for the movie!

In fact, the young man trained 5 times a week. One day of cardio and 4 days of weight training.


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