Brad Pitt: Jennifer Aniston would be jealous of her new relationship!


Although separated since 2005, Jennifer Aniston still has feelings for her ex-husband Brad Pitt. And she would always be jealous!

Brad Pitt’s new love affair supports his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston. The 51-year-old actress, very jealous, would go completely crazy!

Between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, it’s been over since 2005. However, the two former lovebirds would still continue to turn around.

At least, that’s what the Friends star would like! Indeed, the pretty 51-year-old blonde could still have feelings for her ex-husband.

Besides, the actress would be very jealous of the Oscar-winning actor’s new relationship! Yep, the 56-year-old hunk would still see Alia Shawkat.

If the latter two have denied their love story, we have to believe that they still continue to see each other as much. And of course, let them live a love story.

News that Jennifer Aniston has a hard time digesting. In short, she can’t stand knowing Brad Pitt with another woman!

The reason for his jealousy? The one who lent her features to Rachel in the American sitcom would like him to spend time with her … and not with Alia!


So to believe the revelations of UK Woman magazine, Jennifer Aniston lives very badly the new relationship of Brad Pitt.

Indeed, a source close to the Oscar-winning actor ensures that “Brad and Alia have been practically inseparable in recent weeks …”

“If he chooses, Jen will be devastated. Jen doesn’t want to be hopeless or clingy, but she seems to be struggling to stay cool. In short, she wants to keep face. But it’s not easy every day!

Especially when “she hears mutual friends talking” about Brad Pitt. According to the latter, the father of 6 children fell completely under the spell of Alia. Ouch!

But Jennifer Aniston does not seem to have finished her troubles. And for good reason, Alia Shawkat would have put her luggage at the handsome 56-year-old goss! AIE Aie Aie…


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