Brad Pitt is taking risks for his next role in a movie!


Brad Pitt risks sending very, very heavy! For his next role in Bullet Train, the actor has found his dream body!

Is Brad Pitt really 57? As the American actor posted photos from his vacation, his body looks more trimmed than ever … He is also getting ready for a tough movie role!

He will be starring in Bullet Train, directed by David Leitch. Great actor, great director: the film therefore promises a lot … But to live up to an action film, the actor had to work!

He appears in diving during his holidays … And thus seems to be back more than 20 years ago. In 1999, exactly, when Brad Pitt amazed critics with his performance in Fight Club.

Besides his performance, we also remember his protruding muscles … Muscles he found for his next role. It must also be said that he hadn’t lost them very far!

On the poster for Once Uppon a time in Hollywood, Brad Pitt was sending heavy. Muscular, brawler, he had also impressed under the orders of Quentin Tarantino… So he put it back for David Leitch and his Bullet Train!


As in Mr and Mrs Smith or Seven, the actor is therefore likely to send very heavy. A source suggests that “Brad has worked a lot to rebuild a body. And chain the stunts. Because he hasn’t done that in years. ”

Cut like never before, Brad Pitt is about to step into the shoes of a hitman. Armed with his knife, he thus had to survive on a train in Japan. Five saves, five killers: the mission could go wrong!

In the cast of Bullet Train, the actor will also face Lady Gaga or Logan Lerman. A great team for an action film that promises to be spectacular … A film “risky because of its age”, too.

Because Brad Pitt does not let go. He therefore wants to “play his own stunts”. All in train lanes … Bullet Train therefore promises action. But above all a great performance!