Brad Pitt: his 5 best roles throughout his career revealed!


Actor Brad Pitt delighted us with his incredible roles! Here are his 5 best roles he could have played in movies.

What are actor Brad Pitt’s best roles?

Brad Pitt is one of the best actors in Hollywood. Indeed, it must be said that at 57 years old, the actor has had a very successful career.

Moreover, it is far from over since the handsome man is still in demand by producers. But over the course of his career, Brad Pitt has had a few more notable roles than the others.

Besides, you should know that he has dabbled in everything. Indeed, he has appeared in comedies, action films and even the biggest blockbusters!

Indeed, the actor is capable of anything! To the delight of his fans who discover him in always very interesting characters.


Brad Pitt has therefore played in many films. Among the roles that have marked the actor’s career is the character of Billy Beane.

In fact, in 2011, the actor starred in the movie Moneyball. Based on a true story, the film was a huge success.

We can’t talk about Brad Pitt’s career without going over his role in Fight Club! Eh yes.

His acting is still fascinating to this day. And for good reason: it was exceptional!

In 2019, the actor appeared as Roy McBride in Ad Astra. Here, the young actor was starring in an adventure film.

In 1995, the young man also landed a role in the famous movie Se7en! He was indeed playing the character of Detective Mills.

For crime and thriller fans, this film is a benchmark in its category! To see and review without moderation.

Finally, the actor also appeared in the film 12 years a slave. The film is based here on the story of Solomon Northup, a black American man who became a slave.


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