Brad Pitt: Going back to his 5 appearances in the cinema!

Over the course of his film career, Brad Pitt has made many really amazing movie appearances in the cinema!

During his career, Brad Pitt starred in many films. And it’s probably in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith “that he wowed his fans. On the other hand, he has made other appearances in some very, very unexpected motion pictures.

Initially, Brad Pitt played in the cartoon Happy Feet Two. He played the character of Will the Krill. It is a tiny crustacean within a school of krill that seeks to move out of the food chain.

Accompanied by Bill, Will sets off on an adventure in the world to find new meaning in his life. A pretty funny role that is sure to amuse Brad Pitt. He also starred in “Touch of Evil”. A rather strange film.

This film failed to win over fans by the way. Some people did not understand the point of this film at all. The actor also made a cameo in “Confessions of a Dangerous Man.”


Brad Pitt plays one of The Dating Game singles with Matt Damon. On the other hand, some still do not understand the reason for his presence in the film. It must be said that it has little to do with history.

The comedian also starred in a short film called “L’Audition”. In the latter, in which Leonardo DiCaprio and Rober De Niro were auditing for a film by Martin Scorsese. Both do anything to prove they are made for the role.

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Martin Scorsese, on the other hand, sees Brad Pitt in a commercial and decides to oust Leonardo Di Caprio and Rober de Niro to give him the role. Finally, he also starred in Deadpool 2. One thing’s for sure, no one expected to see him.

He appeared within seconds as the Invisible Man aka The Vanisher of the X-Force. It was Ryan Reynolds who asked him to star in the movie!



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