Brad Pitt gives way to Mike Tyson for a famous bank ad!


After having offered the services of Brad Pitt for an advertising spot, the online bank Boursorama decided to call on Mike Tyson.

This is a nice marketing stunt! After Brad Pitt, the famous online bank Boursorama has just unveiled its brand new ad with Mike Tyson.

Brad Pitt is one of the most talented actors of his generation to date. We can no longer count his film projects which had a great success at the box office.

A philanthropist, he very often uses his notoriety to defend causes that are dear to him. Maddox’s dad has also repeatedly supported multiple organizations such as “Doctors Without Borders”.

But also: “Not On Our Watch” to name a few. In parallel to all this, the actor has also been the face of many brands.

Like Chanel! In 2012, Brad Pitt was chosen to embody a cult fragrance from the famous group. Much to the delight of his admirers, the actor then staged himself in a 30-second black and white commercial.

Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband would have collected no less than $ 7 million for this short ad! It’s not nothing.

Many years later, it was with online banking Boursorama that the star signed a lucrative contract. For 6 million euros, Brad Pitt would have agreed to praise the merits of the famous company!

Needless to say, the footage with the actor created quite a buzz on the web. Marketing teams have understood that casting celebrities always works.

Lately, the Boursorama group has decided to call on a ring legend. The proof in pictures!


With “Eyes Of The Tiger” as the background music, Mike Tyson fans will be able to admire their idol in the group’s new commercial. In the sequences imagined by Buzzman, the famous sportsman shows that he is always in top form!

And he is ready to do battle with anyone while hiring the services of the bank. The very punchy video which also sometimes refers to scenes from boxing movies should make you happy.

Like Brad Pitt, Mike Tyson has certainly received a very significant cachet. But to date, no amount has been disclosed!

For several years, the boxer has been a big fan of advertising. Thanks to her image, the star can unblinkingly ask to be paid millions of dollars just for making a short appearance. Business is Business.

After Brad Pitt, Boursorama has again achieved a nice marketing stunt with Mike Tyson. We love !


In recent years, Brad Pitt has been rather discreet in the media to the chagrin of his fans. It must be said that his stormy separation with Angelina Jolie has seriously damaged his image.

But according to the latest news, all is well for him. A documentary focused on his Miraval champagne is expected to be presented in Cannes in May 2021.

On a daily basis, the actor is also said to devote himself to other passions. Like landscaping but also sculpture.

“When you feel that you have finally succeeded in kissing something, it’s time to turn to something else,” the star said for the “New York Times” in 2019. In any case, versatility succeeds him!


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