Brad Pitt: Former Jennifer Aniston in a bikini on Instagram!


Jennifer Aniston has just posted a new photo on her Instagram account. The young woman poses in a bikini and is very sexy!

They are without a doubt the most famous exes around the world. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. They all hope that the couple will give themselves a second chance and finally live the love story they did not live.

Indeed, Jennifer Aniston was in a relationship with Brad Pitt a few years ago now. But their marriage did not last. And for good reason, when the couple no longer got along, the actor met Angelina Jolie on the set of his film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”.

Love at first sight is immediate. And the couple does not let go. But a few years later, they split up. So causing a real shock to the fans.

Indeed, the latter can’t believe that Hollywood’s most iconic and glamorous couple is breaking up. All eyes then turn to Jennifer Aniston.

Many people are hoping they will give themselves a second chance. And for good reason, the actor is very complimentary of his ex in the interviews.

In an interview with Access Hollywood he said, “Jen is an incredibly generous, loving and hilarious woman and she remains my friend. I didn’t mean to say that Jen was boring, but that I was getting boring to myself, and that I was solely responsible for it. ”


A source close to Jennifer Aniston then put an end to his rumors. She said they were just good friends.

“It used to be the way everyone tried to put them back together bothered them, but now they’re laughing. The truth is, they support each other. They constantly bounce ideas off each other and share good news when they have it. They have such a natural and easy energy together. ”

But if Jennifer Aniston is talking about her today, it’s for another reason. The young woman has just posted a new photo on her Instagram account. She poses in a bikini and looks sexier than ever!