Brad Pitt: Does his daughter Shiloh really live with him?


Shiloh, does Brad Pitt’s daughter now live with him and his ex Jennifer Aniston? This question bothers Internet users!

This is the question that is causing a stir! Shiloh, does Brad Pitt’s daughter really live with her father and Jennifer Aniston?

After years of great relationship, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have finally divorced this year. A blow for their fans who still had a glimmer of hope on a possible turnaround.

Angelina Jolie therefore decided to move to England with her children. But in this time of health crisis, she still lives in the United States.

As for Brad Pitt, we keep hearing rumors about him. He is rumored to have flirted with his ex Jennifer Aniston.

These hallway noises were so loud, so their relationship was investigated. Our colleagues from Gossip Cop have thoroughly investigated the subject.

And it looks like they’ve found something! Angelina Jolie’s daughter Shiloh is said to have moved in with her father and ex Jennifer Aniston.


A close source said, “Brad knew they would get along really well. And he made a big effort to get them to spend time together ”

“And as you can see, the effort paid off, because Shiloh asked her dad if she could call Jennifer ‘mom’, which would have moved him to tears.

“So Jennifer adopted Shiloh as her own daughter, only a few months after really knowing her.”

One thing is certain, Angelina Jolie did not appreciate this revelation. She would even have been furious with her daughter Shiloh’s decision.

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This same source continues, “For Angie, who realizes how close they are, this is the worst case scenario. Not only has she gone through a terrible divorce from Brad Pitt … but she also loses her daughter, to a woman she can’t stand. ”

“Angelina hated that Brad Pitt went back to see Jennifer. And she’s so hot that Shiloh prefers spending time with Jen rather than her these days. “


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