Brad Pitt: documentary Miraval champagne in Cannes!


Brad Pitt has been playing the sommelier lately … when he launched his Miraval champagne, a documentary will present him in Cannes!

Brad Pitt’s champagne is invited to the tables at the Cannes Film Festival. Indeed, his vintage will be revealed in a documentary presented during this flagship event. In short, a masterstroke for the actor.

Last year, we learned that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were going to slash a bottle of their own. Yes, the two ex have invested in a champagne of their own.

This time, we therefore learn that champagne will be at the official dinner table of the Cannes Film Festival. A drink that we too would like to taste …

To honor him as he should, Brad Pitt will reveal a short film to him… There is no reason that he too should not be a star for this new edition of the Cannes festival.

This champagne responds to the sweet name of Fleur de Miraval rosé. A rather high-end and prestigious champagne, since it is a rosé Champagne wine.

That said, the house behind this cru refuses the name of “star wine”. Either way, it will definitely be uncorked during post-ceremony meals.


Before that, Brad Pitt’s rosé wine from champagne will have the right to his documentary. A way to discover all the secrets surrounding this drink, before tasting it as it should.

Champagne will be in the spotlight at the May 2021 edition of the Cannes Film Festival. Franck Mannison will therefore present “Sparkling: The Story of Champagne”.

A document that he describes himself as “a love letter to the joys and pleasures of Champagne”, he says, quoted by Vitisphère.

A short film in which Brad Pitt will also make his cameo. A way for him to present Fleur de Mirval rosé, which he owes to his collaboration with his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie.


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