Brad Pitt: his daughter Shiloh alone to celebrate his birthday!


Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Brad Pitt’s daughter Shiloh will have to celebrate her fourteenth birthday all alone in her corner!

This Wednesday, May 27, Shiloh, the daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, celebrates her fourteenth birthday. But because of the health crisis, she finds herself alone …

During confinement, millions of people must celebrate their birthday without their friends and family. Yes, the covid-19 pandemic is preventing them from meeting!

And this for the biggest misfortune of Shiloh, the daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Indeed, the teenager must celebrate her 14th birthday this Wednesday, May 27. But the latter finds herself all alone!

While Shiloh dreamed of a huge party, the daughter of the two very famous actors will have to be patient before being able to organize it.

But according to information from the Hollywood Life website, Brad Pitt and his ex-wife are preparing a wonderful surprise for him each. She doesn’t expect it at all!


To compensate for his huge party, Shiloh intends to organize a FaceTime with all his friends! After all, Angelina Jolie’s daughter refuses to deny herself completely.

“Shiloh will be hosting a virtual party with his friends. She is at an age when it is difficult for her not to do something special with her friends. So Angelina is planning a virtual event, ”said a source close to Brad Pitt.

However, Brad Pitt is preparing a whole other surprise. And not the least! Indeed, the actor intends to organize a very special afternoon for her.

“The only thing they both want is for their children to have a normal life as much as possible,” said the same source.

So this one ends: “So when it comes to Shiloh’s birthday, they want it to be fun and important to her, and they both plan to have their own separate celebrations.”

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