Brad Pitt dares the ponytail and totally changes his look!


While Brad Pitt has always dared hair changes, now he has changed his look and opted for a small ponytail!

Brad Pitt is very often at the heart of the buzz on the Web. His fans have lots of questions about his divorce from Angelina Jolie and his reunion with Jennifer Aniston. This time, it’s her look that makes the talk.

At the start of the year, Brad Pitt dared a little hair madness. In any case, this is what the Harper’s Bazaar media disclosed. A photographer caught the handsome blond leaving a building in Beverly Hills.

Brad Pitt also showed off with a small ponytail with his hair pulled back. And the least we can say is that this look surprised many. Fans weren’t expecting this hair change you can check out here.

Regarding her look, Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband opted for a rather cozy look. He chose a beige jacket with a black V-neck shirt. He completed his look with ripped jeans. In this period of health crisis, he has of course opted for a mask.

One thing’s for sure, her new hairstyle has been the talk of the world. His fans are wondering if he will keep this novelty for the future or if he will decide to cut everything. It must be said that the actor has accustomed us to several cuts.

Brad Pitt has already opted for very short hair. He’s already shown himself with a completely shaved head. Very long curly hair like in the movie “Troy”. From time to time, he dares the beard.

Brad Pitt dares the ponytail and totally changes his look!


In the Brad Pitt news, Angelina Jolie recently revealed the reasons for their divorce. The Maleficent actress spoke in an interview with Vogue. She made great confidences.

Brad Pitt’s ex revealed, “I split up for the sake of my family. It was the right decision. I continue to focus on their healing. Some took advantage of my silence ”.

Angelina Jolie also added, “And kids see lies about themselves in the media. But I remind them that they know their own truth and know what it really is. ”

The young woman had also explained: “In fact, they are six very courageous and very strong young people”. In 2019, she shared more about her kids with Brad Pitt.

The actress also told Harper’s Bazaar, “My kids know me. And they also help me find myself and accept myself. They’ve been through a lot. But I learned from their strength. ”

Brad Pitt’s ex also concluded: “As parents, we encourage our children to come to terms with who they are. And to know that whatever they feel in their heart is right “.


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