Brad Pitt casually for a bottle of wine promo!


Brad Pitt

At the age of 57, the famous Hollywood actor is far from having retired. Indeed, Brad Pitt touches a bit of everything.

In addition to his incredible acting career, the handsome man had entered the wine business with his ex Angelina Jolie. Note that the ex-spouses have been producing wine since 2012 in the Var, in the south of France.

In fact, the couple’s first cuvée was a hit. The Côtes-de-Provence Rosé Miraval 2012 was the first rosé to be ranked among the 100 best wines in the world! Just that.

As for the promotion of his wine, Brad Pitt rarely poses in front of the cameras. But the handsome man decided to do it for his new Miraval Rosé 2020 Vintage.

He has indeed agreed to be photographed by Lachlan Bailey. And the result is stunning!

For this unprecedented campaign, the handsome 57-year-old man posed, lying on a deckchair in the sun. The latter wears a wool sweater and a polo shirt underneath which he reveals the collar.

He also wears a hat and black sunglasses. The poster therefore remains quite sober, in monochrome tones. At the bottom of the poster, you can see the pretty bottle of rosé wine.

This is the second time he has promoted his wine. It should arrive on the American market in early February.


Thus, Brad Pitt has promoted his Miraval Rosé 2020 Vintage which should land on American shelves on February 1st. An opportunity for him to transform into a model for a photo shoot.

This is the second time that the actor has posed for the promotion of one of his 4 wines. Last August, he unveiled the latest addition to his production.

It is in fact Fleur de Miraval, a blended rosé champagne. Brad Pitt then explained to People magazine his relationship to champagne.

“For me, champagne evokes feelings of celebration, quality, prestige and luxury. »He confides. Before adding that rosé champagne remains largely unknown to the general public.

After the success of their previous wines, the actor therefore wanted to create his own rosé champagne. Note that the limited edition of Fleur de Miraval sold out in less than 48 hours!

That is 20,000 bottles sold in two days. Its new Miraval Rosé should mirror its predecessors.

Their wine displays a pale pink tint. On the nose and in the mouth, we recognize aromas of fresh fruit, red currants and fresh roses. Finally, it is a refined wine that ends on long lemony notes.

Remember that alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. To consume with moderation !


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