Brad Pitt and Alia Shawkat getting closer and closer during containment!


Since the start of containment, Brad Pitt and Alia Shawkat have been closer and closer. They would even be inseparable!

Here is a question that puzzles the minds of internet users a lot! What’s really going on between Brad Pitt and Alia Shawkat. The two celebrities are very close!

Brad Pitt is a happy man. After having experienced a difficult divorce with the beautiful Angelina Jolie, he seems to have turned the page.

Eh yes ! It looks like the actor is very close to actress Alia Shawkat. This friendship has given way to particular rumors. Internet users are therefore convinced that they are in a relationship!

Something that Brad Pitt therefore denied. But according to our colleagues from In Touch magazine, the confinement would have really brought the two actors closer.

“Brad can’t believe he found someone so intelligent, down to earth, normal, quirky and funny. She constantly surprises him and always makes him laugh. ”

“He loves his inner and outer beauty as well as his crazy way of seeing life. They are definitely related spirits ”

And justly ! A few days ago, the actress from the Arrested Development series was seen near the home of the father of six children.

Brad Pitt and his friend are said to be so inseparable that they did not break their ties during this difficult period associated with the coronavirus.

“They spend their time looking at online museums, old movies and learning more about each other. They cook a lot together too. ”

“And they even have videoconferences with their friends. And Brad Pitt has already introduced Alia to important people in his life. Alia is really cool and is not trying to control or change it. ”

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“So she accepts Brad for who he is. She doesn’t care about her status. For her, it’s just Brad. And after all that he’s been through, it’s good to see him happy and back to his old ways. »Confirms this same source!


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