Brad Pitt: The actor is confined with his ex Jennifer Aniston and could back off!


Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have been seeing each other for several weeks. The fans are delighted with this couple and the two stars are even confined together!

For several days, countries have been closing in on themselves because of the coronavirus. France but also the United States are in quarantine. So everyone has to limit their trips and stay at home.

Thus, Brad Pitt as well as Jennifer Aniston must respect the rules and confine themselves. However, for several weeks, rumors have announced that they would be together. And for good reason, they displayed themselves very close during the SAG Awards.

Fans of the actor dream of seeing him again with Jennifer, and it looks like their wish will come true. And for good reason, the two actors were surprised by the confinement when they were together.

Therefore, for several days, Brad Pitt would be at Jennifer Aniston and he could not go home!

We can expect a certain rapprochement between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. The two stars separated fifteen years ago. However, they seem to be willing to give their love a second chance.

In fact, they have been close for several weeks now and they meet again. Besides, they seem so close that Brad Pitt would be blocked at Jennifer’s house right now because of the virus. He was at her home before the confinement was announced and he did not return home.

“They got trapped!” Said a close friend of the couple for the TMZ media. And for good reason, Brad wanted to spend some time with his ex and he did not expect to have to stay at her.

“The Americans being confined like the rest of the planet because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Jen and Brad, who have been seeing each other discreetly for several weeks, found themselves trapped at her house at the same time! Impossible to leave! Said the same source.

However, Brad Pitt does not seem to suffer from this situation. We suspect that the actor would have found a way to get home if he really wanted to. So, we can really think that the two stars are again in a relationship!


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