Boys’Chase Crawford is honest about what is‘like shit’ During his Gossip Girl era and what has changed now that he is playing a superhero


It’s hard to believe that before he became the fish-loving superhero The Deep in the Amazon series The Boys, Chase Crawford was Nate Archibald in the Gossip Girl series. Because the two roles are so very different from each other, and there is a big time gap between them, Crawford recently talked about how he ate during his time on The CW, and what has changed now that he plays a superhero.

In an interview with Men’s Health, Chase Crawford talked about his training regime and diet. He honestly admitted that he didn’t eat very well in his 20s, despite the fact that he still keeps himself in shape:

I think the biggest thing that has changed is my diet. I ate like shit in my 20s. I was still training, but it was a lot of pizza, booze and beer. It’s not like I’m not doing it right now. Because I know.

Chase Crawford was a little more forgiving about his diet back in the days of “Gossip Girl,” which should have been easier to get away with when a 20-year-old doesn’t spend his days on set in a tight superhero costume. He didn’t completely give up pizza and beer, but he changed something.

Now that he’s in The Boys, playing a superhero requires a tougher routine than playing a preppy rich boy on the Upper East Side. Crawford revealed the secrets of his diet and found something that helped him:

When I came to The Boys, my main goal was just to cut myself. I was just going to try and, like, cut myself as much as possible. Kind of have fun with it. I tried Keto, liked it, felt the effect of it, but it’s not for me. You know, when you count the carbohydrates in asparagus, I can’t. Back to something more normal… but, you know, I’m still trying to stay in the crumbs.

It makes sense that playing a superhero would require a change in routine, but it’s nice to know that Chase Crawford was still able to find something he can stick to. He did not say whether this diet includes fish, which may be a matter of concern to fans of The Boys. Deep wouldn’t approve, especially after what happened to his buddy Timothy.

Meanwhile, despite eating like shit during his Gossip Girl years, Crawford has expressed interest in returning for a reboot. In 2019, after the initial announcement of the reboot, he admitted that he never got a call, but he thinks he can return as someone’s father. Unfortunately, this has not happened yet, although the 2nd season of “Gossip Girl” is just around the corner, perhaps he can play a cameo role?

With the start of work on season 4 of “Boys,” Chase Crawford will have to keep up with his routine for a while, although he doesn’t seem to mind. While we don’t know too much about season 4 of “The Boys,” it should be interesting to see what happens after the tense Season 3 finale.

Deep officially returned to the “Seven” after a small dispute in the third season. He even took part in the wild storyline of Herogasm, in an episode that will go down in history as one of the most memorable in the series. What will happen in the fourth season is unknown, but it will be difficult to surpass this episode.

All three seasons of The Boys are streamed on Amazon Prime by subscription!


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