Boys: The true powers of the Homelander made him an absolute super killer


Warning! Below are spoilers for the comic book and TV series The Boys.

In the Boys comic book series, Homelander never hesitated to use his powers to defeat Supes, who defied his rule; however, he also secretly killed rogue heroes who went against the ideals of Wout-Americana. As The Legend once explained, he was forced to come up with comic stories to explain why Homelander was used as a weapon to destroy “dumb” Supes who didn’t comply with the Wout rule.

The Homelander is the greatest hero in the eyes of the public in the universe of The Boys, since the Vought-American propaganda machine made him infallible. But he was actually a killer who often used his powers to get what he wanted. The Homelander killed several of his fellow supes, most notably Queen Maeve, whom he killed after she protected Starlight. But the Homelander had a secret mission, which the public did not know about, because the Legend was forced to cover for the hero who killed Supes, who did not follow the rules.

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In “The Boys #20” by Garth Ennis, Darik Robertson, Simon Bowland and Tony Avina, “Legend”, a man who wrote comic book stories that created false ideas about real superheroes among the general public, reveals to Huey that he had to hide behind Homelander’s murder repeatedly. In a parody of Stan Lee, it is said that Vought-American secretly used Homelander to kill blush Supes, who did not strictly follow their rules and “did not see what a cute thing was going on.” As a result, The Legend had to turn real deaths into something more positive.

Legend tells how he diluted the terrifying Homelander murders in The Boys universe, as the next page of the issue shows him fighting Samurai Soup. While the comic book version created by the writer shows the Homelander’s struggle as relatively tame, in fact he brutally kills his opponent by ripping his head off his body and uttering extremely racist statements. This incident is just the tip of the iceberg of the Homelander killing of Supes, as he secretly killed those who deviated from the strict protocols and rules of Vought-American.

The Homelander is without a doubt a complete monster, and his actions with his incredible abilities certainly reflect that. Vought-American using him as their secret Super killer to destroy those who fell out of line shows that the Homelander was nothing more than a weapon for the organization. This forced the Legend to rewrite real history to portray him differently in the comics, as the leader of the Seven killed everyone who stood in his way or did not play by the same rules, which he often ignored himself. After all, the Homelander was the ultimate Super killer in The Boys.


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