Boys: The best characters introduced after the first season


Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for the third season of The Boys.

The boys began their third season with a literal explosion that makes viewers talk about what a young superman named Termite did to blow someone up from the inside. While the explosive season shows no signs of stopping, especially since the titled “Boys” are sincerely hunting for a birthmark on the verge, there is still a gap between the “heroes”, so to speak.

The boys started with the main characters, such as Billy Butcher, Huey, Frenchy, Kimiko and Mother’s Milk, as “good guys” seeking justice, and Homelander, A-Train, Black Noir, Deep, Starlight and Maeve were considered villains. supers masquerading as heroes. However, over time, fans have learned that everything is not so clear, especially when loyalty changes, and lines are drawn in these nuanced images. This is largely due to several characters introduced in seasons 2 and 3, who helped prove that not everyone is who they seem.

Victoria Neuman

It was one of the most memorable and horrific scenes of the show to date, when during a meeting in the courtroom, the heads of several people began to mysteriously explode. The damage was clearly caused by super, but no one could figure out who exactly.

Later it turned out that it was Victoria Neuman, a secret supervisor hiding in plain sight as the founding director of the Federal Bureau of Superhumans. Although her role in the second season was secondary, it is clear that Victoria (real name Nadia) will play a big role in the third season, as she works together with Huey. Fans also learned her terrifying backstory: she killed her biological parents (whether it was intentional or not remains to be determined) and was adopted by Stan Edgar, who has been raising her ever since.


Fans are curious to learn more about Supersonic, one of the many new characters of The Boys, and his true motives, especially after he was officially included in The Seven. The former Starlight and the man with whom she lost her virginity, it is clear that there is still mutual love and respect between them, even if it is not a romantic spark.

While he has stated his commitment to Starlight, it also seems that he may have been looking for something more, which made Huey uncomfortable in his presence. No decision has yet been made on whether Supersonic is one of the good guys or not. But fans are eager to find out.


Ryan disrupted the plans when it turned out that Becca, Billy’s wife, is still alive and has been in a safe place all this time. Moreover, she became pregnant and gave birth to a biological son to the homelander.

Not knowing how to use and control his powers, Ryan accidentally kills Becca and stays on the run with Grace. From the episode when the Homelander tries to invite him to Father and Son Day, to the heartbreaking episode when he almost hurt Billy in anger, Ryan has been an interesting addition to the cast. He remains one of the few people who can truly become more powerful than a Homelander.

Storm front

Stormfront fans kept guessing throughout, until it finally became clear that she was much older and obsessed with spreading her hate message. A Nazi, she managed to get into the Homelander’s head, become a leading member of the Seven and gain many supporters who began to believe in her perverted messages.

While Stormfront was removed by the end of season 2, in season 3 it was revealed that she was still alive, although suffering terribly, bedridden with missing limbs and a disfigured face. But when her arc came to an end, death became the catalyst that sent the Homelander into a dangerous spiral.

soldier boy

The Boy Soldier hasn’t been officially introduced these days, but fans caught a glimpse of the character in flashback scenes during the war, as Grace recounted. There are some interesting facts you need to know about the boy soldier from The Boys, for example, according to the comics, he was created during World War II. He seemed as pompous and arrogant as a Homelander. Idling in a serious situation, his recklessness led to the deaths of many people in the camp, including presumably his own.

As Billy and the rest of the Boys investigate what killed him, it is implied that the Soldier Boy may still be alive. Otherwise, even if his story was shown only in flashbacks, it could be the key that Billy and his friends need to finally defeat Homelander.

Young black noir

One of the biggest mysteries of the series so far has been the origin and identity of Black Noir. His backstory is revealed in the third season during Grace’s flashbacks. He can be seen discussing his costume with young Edgar and his desire not to wear a mask. Edgar quite frankly tells him that he should leave it just because he is black.