Boys, Season 3: 1 moment of hero-enthusiasm on which Prime Video hesitated


The showrunner of “Boys” tells about one moment of their openly sexual episode “Gerogasm”, which made Amazon executives think. “Boys” is well known as a bold and vibrant show depicting violence and sexuality. The series, based on the DC/Wildstorm comic book of the same name, began airing on Prime Video in 2019 and is currently airing its 3rd season. and the ensemble includes Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Anthony Starr, Jesse T. Asher and the new addition Jensen Ackles in the role of the boy soldier.

The last issue of “Boys” aired on June 24. It is called “Gerogasm” and is an adaptation of the controversial comic book of the same name “Boys”. Described in one teaser as “unsuitable for any audience,” the plot involves an orgy of superheroes. The episode with sexy graphics pushes the boundaries even by the standards of the usual fare of The Boys and was eagerly awaited by both fans and curious newcomers.

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TVLine met with The Boys’ showrunner Eric Kripke to discuss “Gerogasm” in all its glory. He said that there is one important point that made Amazon executives think: the sequence of the parody character Aquaman Depth (Chase Crawford) entering into a carnal relationship with an octopus. Apparently, Amazon’s standards and practices department had a hard and fast rule against depicting bestiality on screen, and “they had to take it up the stairs.” Kripke found it ridiculous because the scene was so absurd that “it’s hard to call it lustful bestiality,” and they found a way to film it to the delight of the executives. Read his full quote below:

This season we had a lot of discussions about the Deep and octopus scene.

For some crazy reason, the Standards have a policy against bestiality. They’re so intense, really. The discussion of this scene and how we shot this scene actually caused a lot of alarm bells on a lot of different levels at Amazon, because you shouldn’t show people fucking animals, and I understand that. But my pitch to them always seemed so absurd, [that] it would be appropriate in a Farrelly Brothers movie. So it’s hard to call it lustful bestiality. This is ridiculous. As far as I know, I don’t even think octopuses have holes down there. So there was a lot of discussion about what injections are, what we can do and what we can get away with?

But it was actually the first time it became a conversation when they had to climb the stairs.

Even though he was potentially on the chopping board, the “Depth” scene actually aired. Thus, he closed the circle that began with jokes made at the expense of Aquaman in James Gunn’s DCEU series “Peacemaker” earlier this year. Peacemaker (John Cena) made a joke about Aquaman, saying that he “damn fish” in one of the first episodes. This scene is probably the closest to making this obscene joke an outright prophecy.

The Boys turned a shocking audience into their bread and butter, and this episode was clearly no exception. Considering how many licenses the creators of the series have received from Amazon, it is consistent with their approach that they were allowed to continue this “Herogasm” moment. The episode might not have suffered if the short moment had been cut, but it certainly has an even bigger impact because of its inclusion.