Boys: predictions for season 4


The following article contains spoilers for the third season of The Boys.

After an exciting season finale, The Boys are taking a break before what is sure to be another action-packed round when Season 4 is released on Amazon Prime Video. However, the dynamics of power in the series has changed forever, and with it the future has changed, and what it can prepare for its main characters.

In particular, The Boys got their hands on a powerful original recipe Compound V and its variety V24. This should tip the scales in their favor for a while, even if the gang failed to capitalize and eventually turned against their pocket ace, the Boy Soldier. The biggest conclusion from this was that Ryan finally accepted his biological father, the Homelander finally showed himself to be the bloodthirsty sociopath that he is in front of the world, and Victoria Neuman embarked on the path to the White House. But ultimately, what does all this mean for the “Boys” and where does the series go next?

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A seven is more like a Three

It goes without saying that The Boys have a lot of comic book characters waiting on the sidelines to join the cast at any moment. Now that the Seven has been reduced to Homelander, The Deep and the modified A-Train, a set of new superheroes has become more necessary than ever. In particular, superheroes such as Tek Knight, Mr. Marathon and Jack From Jupiter have already been mentioned in the series. These figures have a better chance of jumping on board, especially if the Homelander has to summon some former allies, since the world will turn away from him.

While Black Noir is guaranteed to return and The Deep may be easier to manipulate, even the A-Train actor has hinted at possible redemption for the character, meaning he could become a victim or just another defector from the supergroup. That is, if the CEO of Homelander still considers seven an important concept, because his interests may be elsewhere right now.

A native person in the campaign

The showrunner of “Boys” Eric Kripke was not shy about the political ideals that the Homelander and his fans personify, and as the series progressed, the superhero used a more outspoken and belligerent style in his speech. Combining this with the storyline of The Boys comics, where Homelander eventually storms the White House, it might seem like the series is trying to get there eventually.

While her comic book counterpart is more of a useful fool, Victoria Neuman is an astute strategist, and how she used her fragile alliance with Homelander will be key now that she has become The Boys’ biggest target. Expect Dakota Bob to win his run for the White House, but will be knocked out pretty quickly by a thug. And rest assured, the Homelander can get political benefits or pure constitutional powers from these relationships.

It’s all about family

Parenting is incredibly important in The Boys, especially with the addition of Ryan as the son of Homelander, a brand new character capable of bringing out the “best” of his father. Ryan played a key role in all three season finales, so expect this trend to continue. However, there may be a twist that he may end up turning on his father after getting close to him, and the series may even choose a little boy to kill the Homelander himself.

Ryan is the main driving force behind Billy Butcher’s desire to kill Homelander. He let Ryan down, and now that he doesn’t have much time, if he ever kills the most powerful superhero on Earth, he’d better take his chance quickly.

soldier boy

Jensen Ackles was one of the best characters of the third season of “Boys,” so it’s obvious that fans and writers want him back. However, now that the Boy Soldier has become a government asset, he could become a bargaining chip or a political chess piece for which Victoria and Mallory are fighting.

His body was soaked in Russian BCL Red, which also makes him a prime candidate for experiments related to it. While he may not be as important in the comics, the Soldier Boy’s sole presence really raised the stakes for everyone in season three, so count on him waking up from his slumber.

The butcher takes matters into his own hands

After the doctors pronounced the death sentence on him, the Butcher lives in debt. So it wouldn’t be strange to see him return to the permanent V Connection to save his collapsing body, or at least buy extra time to fulfill his one true mission.: kill the Homelander. This sense of urgency is likely to be exacerbated if the Homelander gains the political power he has cultivated lately, and which may well lead to clashes with Starlight and Huey.

Although The Boys series is much quieter in most cases than the comics (say, Herogasm), desperate times call for desperate measures. Don’t expect the forced Butcher to kill all the Boys, but tensions will arise as soon as Homelander and Neuman’s plan kicks in.

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