Boys Over Flowers returns with F4 Thailand


Boys Over Flowers, Meteor Garden and Hana Yori Dango have conquered us with their history, know everything about the new version that Thailand prepares for this series of the F4.

Thai series have gained great popularity around the world. More and more fans of Asian series are joining the Lakorn audience, but a new success is about to be released under the name of F4 Thailand, does that term sound familiar to you? Yes, of course! Because it is a new adaptation of the Hana Yori Dango manga.

Just a few details about F4 Thailand have been revealed, but this Thai drama is shaping up to be a hit, here’s why.

With the lakorn gaining fame in various countries, this is a great time for the premiere of new series from Thailand, but there are many aspects that add points to this new production.

It is an adaptation that, although we have already seen productions from several countries, has a charming story capable of captivating the audience and, each version that has been released of Hana Yori Dango has turned out to be a phenomenon.

As if that weren’t enough, the cast for F4 Thailand includes big stars that we have already seen in Thai dramas.

Two of the leading roles will be in charge of Bright and Win, the actors who starred in the successful BL under the name of 2Gether: The Series and Still 2Gether, we will tell you more details about their roles.

Bright Vachirawit will have the main role, where he will act under the name Thyme, while Win Metawin will play Kavin, being the actor who will be part of the secondary couple. YAY!

For his part, the secondary boy in this series will be played by Dew Jirawat and Nani Hirunkit will be the last of the F4. We cannot forget the lucky girl who will be surrounded by these handsome actors, the leading actress of this lakorn who will be in the middle of a love triangle will be Tu Tontawan.

The drama will be released by GMMTV and they will reveal more details for this production very soon, in the meantime, you can already see the first trailer for F4 Thailand:

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