Boys: how strong is black noir really


Black Noir is one of the most talented superheroes in “Boys”, given his place in the “Seven”. What is the difference between the abilities of Black Noir and other superheroes? Viewers first met the mysterious non-speaking Black Noir in the first season of the TV series “Boys”. With an all-black suit that hides his appearance, Black Noir was largely unknown. In the first season, the character didn’t have too much work to do, so in the second season it was necessary to concretize his story and strengths. The third season of “Boys” began to reveal the origin of the character even more deeply.

As Super, Boys don’t usually pose a threat to Black Noir during a fight, but he’s always been held back by Vought CEO Stan Edgar. The flashbacks of season 3 of “Boys” provide more information about why this is the case, and also reveal more about how powerful Black Noir is. The considerable level of obedience that Black Noir demonstrates to Wout is the only thing that prevents him from using his full powers as he sees fit, and he has a lot of superpowers at his disposal.

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Black Noir is an experienced fighter with all the bonuses of a superhero. He has superhuman strength, and is also incredibly hardy, repeatedly experiencing powerful explosions in close-up, leaving only a few burn marks on his face. What distinguishes Black Noir is his faster-than-usual healing, and he is apparently immune to pain. With superhuman agility, hearing and speed, as well as experience in hand-to-hand combat and combat with weapons, Black Noir’s abilities make him an incredibly powerful (and dangerous) hero.

The forces of Black Noir in the show are against. Comics

The powers of Black Noir in The Boys are slightly different from those in the comics. The source material made Black Noir a Homelander clone created by Vought to kill the leader of the Seven if necessary. However, The Boys choose an alternative route. It also added a new weakness, as the deadly Soup has a deadly nut allergy. It was inspired by the real-life allergy of Nathan Mitchell, who plays a Black Noir in “The Boys.” As powerful as Black Noir was, this nut allergy eventually knocked him off his feet in the second season of “Boys.” Queen Maeve put almond joy in his mouth so he wouldn’t attack Starlight, and threw his epipen out of reach. The nut attack didn’t kill Black Noir, but he remained in a vegetative state at the end of season 2. However, Black Noir lives on in season 3 of Boys, and its story gets further developed.

How does the backstory of Black Noir in the series differ from the comics

In the comics, Black Noir is a Homelander clone created to kill the hero if he ever breaks down or his sadism gets out of control. In the source material, Black Noir knows this perfectly well and even makes the Homelander believe that he is a psychopath — which is not so far away. Since Black Noir doesn’t really have a glorified backstory to bring to the TV show The Boys, the writers had plenty of opportunities to create something mesmerizing in the third season.

Both the 2nd and 3rd seasons of The Boys proved that the TV version of Black Noir is a completely different character. In the Amazon Prime series The Boys, Black Noir is not a Homelander clone. Rather, he is a black man named Irving, who was pressured by Stan Edgar to hide his identity under a mask, as shown in the flashbacks of the 3rd season of “Boys” about the Payback team. After he challenged Stan and insisted on taking off his mask during a mission in Nicaragua, he was disfigured by an explosion and has been wearing a mask ever since to hide it. Thus, the backstory of Black Noir has much greater depth in the TV show, and his mask symbolizes vanity, regret and the consequences of institutional racism.

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Why can’t Black Noir talk?

In the TV show The Boys, it is shown that Black Noir cannot pronounce words after an explosion damaged his face, and it is implied that the accident could subsequently permanently damage his vocal cords. On a thematic level, his silence also fits well into the backstory of Black Noir as another illustration of how Vought suppresses his heroes, and gives the mysterious character a delightful, restrained expressiveness. As season 3 of The Boys continues to show the payback of a Boy Soldier to the Payback Supe team that betrayed him to the Russians – including Noir, who is currently on the run to avoid painful revenge – it is likely that Black Noir will remain an unpredictable player haunted by ghosts. by his past.