Boys Homelander actor Wants Hideo Kojima to Make a game based on the series


Currently, the series “Boys” on Amazon is in the midst of the third season, in which Jensen Ackles from “Supernatural” was presented as a boy soldier and continues the tradition of the show with racy images and super-powerful battles. The popularity of the show also continues to grow, and even an important figure in the gaming industry has become known.

Recently, gaming industry mogul Hideo Kojima took to Twitter to discuss his thoughts on The Boys. Starting with the words that he “left after 3 episodes of the first season,” Kojima eventually moved on to watching the entire show that aired. Interestingly, he notes that the project, which he “warmed up for a long time”, subsequently had to be postponed due to how much his concept was similar to The Boys at that time. In addition to this mix, the showrunner of The Boys and the lead actor directly responded that Kojima encouraged Kojima to do a direct adaptation.

The Boys’ showrunner Eric Kripke responded to Kojima, stating that together they can “unite and win!” Kripke seems happy and wants to participate with Kojima in a game dedicated, in particular, to The Boys, and also says that they are “big fans” of the author. It is very nice to see such a response from the showrunner of The Boys, who was also supported in their support of The Boys game under the direction of Kojima by the show’s lead actor Anthony Starr, who plays the sinister Homelander. At the moment, it is unknown whether Kojima will really accept Kripke and Starr at their invitation.

Kripke and Starr want Kojima to adapt the “Boys” instead of just moving forward with their own project, which speaks to their openness to Kojima’s direction and design philosophy. If Kojima has already hatched such an idea in his head, it may mean that he will accept this cooperation with Amazon and all participants. Kojima’s own idea seems similar enough that it’s easy to replace some concepts like “setting and tricks” that distinguished Kojima’s idea from “Boys”.

The concept of a “special detective squad fighting legendary heroes behind the scenes” is still pretty accurate for The Boys, although The Boys are probably more haphazard and irreverent than Kojima’s main characters. Kojima also notes that Mads Mikkelsen from Death Stranding was considered the main character, but it’s unclear if he was going to play the role of the Butcher character or the Homelander character.

It will be interesting to see if such a project for The Boys really progresses in the future. But at the moment, neither Kojima himself nor Kojima Productions have yet responded publicly.