Boys create the MAIN problem of seven for season 4


Attention! There are spoilers ahead for the finale of the third season of “Boys”.

Vought Floor 99 has problems, and Seven is definitely one of them after the end of season 3 of The Boys. Throughout today, The Boys Seven has remained an unwavering global organization. A painful parody of D.C.”s Justice League and Marvel’s “Avengers,” “Seven” brings together Wout’s most powerful and popular heroes, adorning their faces with everything from movie posters to posters for children’s birthdays. Supposedly the pinnacle of humanity, Homelander thugs have consistently found themselves among the most reprehensible super-powered Compound-V test subjects ever created, committing murders, rapes, and a veritable smorgasbord of various criminal offenses that Vaught turns a blind eye to.

After the finale of the third season of “Boys” (“The Instant White-Hot Wild”) The seven essentially dropped. Queen Maeve is presumed dead after impaling a boy soldier from the Vaught Tower, and although she did survive the fall, her opponent’s radioactive explosion rendered “Brave Maeve” powerless. The departures do not end there. Annoyed that Black Noir knew the Boy Soldier was his father, Homelander regretfully kills his closest ally by splitting Noir on the 99th floor. Finally, Starlight defiantly renounces his superhero image in exchange for official membership in the Boys.

Homelander had already killed Supersonic earlier in season 3 of “Boys”, avenging his involvement in the Starlight and Maeve rebellion, so that means “Seven” is now “Three”. Homelander became stronger than ever after he removed Stan Edgar from power and became the lord of the Wout. He is joined by A-Train, who proved his pathetic loyalty by surrendering Supersonic, and The Deep, whose Seven status was restored as an unexpected twist in the grand finale of “American Hero”… and that’s it. Can The Boys solve the recruitment problem? Or is it time to separate the Seven?

Boys can’t ignore Seven Problems after Season 3

Starting from episode 1 and up to season 3 “Boys”, “Seven” remained the “Beatles” among the superhero teams. With popular movies (“Dawn of the Seven”) and MM’s daughter throwing a superhero-style party, there is absolutely no sign that the popularity of the Seven is waning… even though they haven’t actually had seven members for a very long time. Seven has been missing a number since Huey blew up Transparent back in the 2nd episode of “Boys”, and the expulsion of the Deep later in season 1 (punishment for sexually abusing Starlight) reduced the team to five people. Despite the addition of Stormfront, the loss of A-Train meant that The Seven could only muster five or six contestants again for most of season 2 of The Boys.

For a short time in the third season of “Boys”, the Seven again lived up to its name. A-Train and The Deep were restored, and Supersonic replaced the Nazi elephant in the room. Then a wave of departures began, starting with a pile of garbage in the form of supersonic and ending with Farmer Maeve.

Since The Boys appeared, the seven has been at full capacity only twice, but none of them has ever dropped to three people before. With five or six members, Seven still worked as a concept-both in the universe and in narrative terms. After all, the most famous superhero line-ups are limited to six, and the Spice Girls did a pretty good job as a quintet. But with only Homelander, The Deep and A-Train at the helm, The Seven cannot call themselves a team for the first time since the founding of The Boys. In past seasons, it was always possible to embellish one or two vacant seats, but now there are more vacancies on the 99th floor than soups, and the 4th season of “Boys” has no other choice but to tackle the fate of the Seven face to face.

Which superheroes can join the seven in season 4 for boys?

The simplest solution to Homelander’s Seven woes would be to recruit four new faces when Season 4 of Boys begins, but which of the lucky ones could he choose? Probably the most obvious new member of the Seven will be Tech Knight. A significant figure in the comics of Garth Ennis and Darik Robertson, Tech Knight was mentioned several times in the Amazon series The Boys, which confirms his canonical existence. Although Tech Knight is usually a Payback contestant, he is one of the biggest comic characters to ever grace The Boys on television, which gave him a good chance to get a spot on Seven in season 4.

Can we finally see Jack from Jupiter? Parodying the “Martian Hunter” from DC, The Boys abandoned this member of the comic “Seven” in favor of “Transparent”, rightly believing that an alien (or, in fact, a person pretending to be an alien) would not be suitable for live performances. Three seasons later, the Boys’ fictional world and raucous tone are well enough known to introduce the Seven, who disguise themselves as an alien. Homelander followers will believe anything at this moment.