Boys: Black Noir revealed his master plan to Huey in two words


Warning: Brief discussion of sexual violence. This article also contains the main spoilers for The Boys comics.

Throughout Boys Black Noir barely utters a word, hiding his face and voice in favor of the latest disclosure that he is a clone of Homelander, planted to the Seven to kill him if he gets out of control. However, there are indeed a few lines in the apparent Batman parody, and a relatively early piece of dialogue is perhaps the biggest clue to its true purpose, even though it made absolutely no sense at the time.

The Boys are a secret team tasked with using blackmail and intimidation to keep powerful superheroes in check. Most of their most interesting information is related to Homelander, an unkillable “evil Superman” whose extracurricular activities show that he is a bloodthirsty psychopath. Mysterious photos of a Homelander killing innocent people give the Boys some degree of control over him, creating a stalemate between the powerful Supe and Billy Butcher’s team, however, even with the help of CIA resources, none of them really knows where the photos came from.

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In The Boys #65 from Garth Ennis, Russ Brown, John McCree and Keith Burns, fans will find out the truth. First, the photos were provided by Black Noir, who was working behind the scenes trying to provoke Homelander to destroy his public image. Secondly, the photos are not really of the Homelander, but of the same Black Noir in his costume. It’s a grim revelation that clears up many of the ragged plot threads in the series—especially the two words that Black Noir says to Huey during the events of Bacchanalian Gerogasm.

In The Boys: Herogasm #3 (from Ennis, McCree and Burns), the boys watch the annual superhero convention in search of compromising material on the participants. Among the team is Huey Campbell, who works directly with the Butcher. Unfortunately, Huey discovers the Black Noir who raped him and refers to him as a “Good Soldier”. The attack is one of the strangest moments of the series, since both the words of Black Noir and his decision not to warn other superheroes about spies among them do not make sense. Of course, as soon as it turns out that Black Noir is trying to provoke a conflict between the Boys and the Homelander, its meaning becomes clear.

Perverted as he is, Black Noir sincerely sees Huey as an agent of his broader plans. The boys are the people who, in his opinion, can expose the Homelander, finally allowing him to kill the target he has been obsessed with all his life. Spying on Soups and collecting materials for blackmail, the Boys are really soldiers of Black Noir, and their pressure helps the Homelander to go too far. In the end, Black Noir kills him shortly after he makes a coup in the United States, fulfilling the dream of his life shortly before he is killed by a Butcher.

The Black Noir calling Huey a “Good Soldier” was a blatant statement that he considered the Boys to be on his side, and yet, despite the question about the photos, his mysterious abilities and personality, few people guessed that the two were related. Although “Boys: Gerogasm” was touted as one of the most controversial comic stories ever told, it used this excess to hide the main clue to the greater mystery of the story, as the message of its endgame.

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