Boys: 15 saddest things about Starlight


The superhero series “Boys” is full of morally dubious characters, but Annie January, also known as Starlight, is one of the simplest characters to root for. She is a “soup” who sincerely wants to be a hero, which leads her to dream of joining the Seven. However, she soon realizes that the superhero world is not as noble as she thought.

Starlight is a strong person, both in terms of her abilities and what she can overcome, but she also faces more challenges than almost any other character in the series. From the lies she is told to the way she is treated, there is a lot of grief in Starlight’s journey.

Used as a child

Starlight’s path as a hero is based not only on her own desire to do good, but also on her religious beliefs. From a young age, she was convinced by others that her powers were a gift from God and that she was chosen for a specific purpose.

However, she later finds out that Wout gave her Compound V, and it was just another one of their experiments. This truth not only destroys Starlight’s idea that she is destined for a higher purpose, but also shows that she has been lied to all her life.

Seeing Huey lose his values

Although Huey is not always the bravest character in The Boys, he can often be counted on as a moral center. But Huey’s arc in the third season of “Boys” showed that he was following a darker path, because he wanted to defeat Vaught and Homelander at any cost.

It’s especially hard to see Starlight when she watches the caring and gentle man she loves become the man she wants to stop. Although she repeatedly tries to make Huey realize how wrong he is, she is constantly hurt when he ignores her.

She told me to put myself in danger Huey

Starlight is often in danger as a member of the Seven. She knows that the Homelander can snap at any moment and kill her. Huey is one of the few people she can turn to when she feels an overwhelming fear of this situation.

However, when Huey continues to stray from a more vindictive path, he betrays that trust. Huey decides that Starlight’s participation in the operation is worth risking his life, and is heartless enough to tell her about it.

Forcing a Fake Relationship with Homelander

Although Starlight is a strong superhero in her own right, Homelander is the only person she seems genuinely afraid of. She’s smart enough to keep her distance from him as much as possible, but he also knows how to keep her close.

When the Homelander announces to the world that they are a couple, Starlight has no choice but to go along with the ruse. This not only makes her a mainstay in the Homelander’s painful narrative, but also makes her behave as if she is in love with the person she hates most in the world.

Death of Supersonic

Season 3 introduced the character Supersonic, a former teammate and boyfriend of Starlight, who is a candidate to join the “Seven”. Despite Huey’s immature jealousy of him, Supersonic turns out to be a good guy and a real hero.

Unlike Huey, he is ready to protect Starlight from Homelander and even helps her find a way to defeat him. Unfortunately, Homelander finds out about this and brutally kills Supersonic, filling Starlight with guilt.

Her relationship with her mother

When Starlight becomes a new member of The Seven, no one is more excited about it than her mother. It seemed like she was supporting Starlight on her way to becoming a hero, but it soon becomes clear that this was Starlight’s mother’s dream, not for herself, but for her daughter.

Even before the big lie is revealed, Starlight’s relationship with her mother begins to deteriorate. While Starlight struggles with her new position, her mother remains selfish and ignores her daughter’s problems. The discovery that she consented to experiments with compound V seriously undermines their relationship.

Depth Attack

After Starlight was named a new member of the “Seven”, Starlight’s positive attitude towards the team disappeared. At first, she is greeted by Depth, who pretends to be friendly, but turns out to be a disgusting predator.

While Starlight sees her dreams coming true, the Depth aggressively pursues her. When she, as expected, resists him, he extorts terrible ways from her. This is not only an unspeakable violation, but also the moment when Starlight opens her eyes to the truth about these alleged “heroes”.

Forced to work with depth

While the abuse Starlight is being subjected to by Depth is certainly painful, she quickly shows that she doesn’t want him to get away with it. She tells the world what he did, which leads to him being fired from the Seven.


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